Seller Labs Vs Jungle Scout – How to Choose Between Seller Labs Pro and Seller Labs?

If you are wondering which should be the best seller acquisition software, you should read Seller Labs vs Jungle Scout. It will help you understand how to differentiate between Seller Labs and Jungle Scout to come up with a winner. In this article, I will give you my conclusion.

On the surface, Seller Labs and Feedback Genius may seem similar. They both deal with inventory issues and can send both immediate or delayed mail out. However, they are different. Here are some things that separate the two and their advantages and disadvantages.

Feedback Genius does not have the ability to do live sales. This means that it is not directly connected to the business. Seller Labs can do that.

Feedback Genius does not offer one-click reporting. This means that the system is not without errors. It also does not allow you to see the actual sales history. Seller Labs can.

Feedback Genius sends back all customer feedback to a CRM. Seller Labs cannot. However, it will save you from manually sending email through the system.

Feedback Genius offers bulk requests for you to process. Seller Labs can give you ones-on-one guidance on what to send out.

Feedback Genius has a more solid support network. It is easier to communicate with the support team over email. It is more personal and they respond to emails faster.

Feedback Genius is very easy to set up. Most can be set up on your own. It also comes with its own template with all the features configured.

Seller Labs is easy to set up, but does not have the same features as Feedback Genius. As we have seen, the pricing is higher. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to get the package with both products instead of getting just Feedback Genius.

One of the biggest differences between Seller Labs Pro and Seller Labs is that Seller Labs Pro gives you the ability to post a live blog. If you look at both of these systems, they both include templates that will allow you to do this. Although, if you want to design your own blog, you will need to pay for it.

If you have a business that is in constant motion and needs to constantly monitor its products, and you are looking for more flexibility, then you should consider the Seller Labs Pro. This program allows you to run your business on autopilot.

The only way to really find out which system is the best is to look at all of the aspects. Once you decide which is right for you, go ahead and purchase Seller Labs Pro today.